Fly-in Canoe Trips   

An eagle with folded wings, seconds from a fish dinner... a family of loons... a calf moose learning to swim... a pair of otter playing in the shallows... indifferent or unaware of your presence as you glide by. Canoeing remains one of the truest forms of blending in with nature's splendor. CHAPLEAU Ontario is the gateway to a variety of pristine waterways that beckon the eco-tourism adventurer! Climb aboard the venerable Beaver bush plane, we will strap on your canoe and give you a bird's eye view of the breath-taking wilderness that awaits you ...

As canoeventure specialists, we can tailor a trip to suit all outdoor enthusiasts ... from novice to seasoned paddler.  

Need an intro course, a refresher or professional tips? 

A 1 hour session with our outdoor specialists, and you will become familiar and comfortable with your canoe/kayak.


Fly-In Wilderness Canoe Adventures    from  *** $460.US per person ***     Reservations & Deposits

Our Fly-In Canoe Adventure Package includes: 
flight to starting point
*** your canoe   
our canoes = $45./day  or  $225./wk
from 4 to 14 days (same rate)
maps and route details, safety info
weather and crown land info
life cushions and emergency flag
en-route check flight
flight from pick-up point
Satellite phones available

You should bring the following items on the canoe trip:  (***:call for details)
paddles and life vests   *** your canoe 
all-weather clothing
food and cooking utensils
first aid/survival kit
tent, axe and small shovel
fishing gear, insect repellent

Maps, route details and trip planning info will be supplied once deposits are received, confirming your trip with       Your safety and satisfaction are paramount... ! Let's team up and together we will plan the adventure of a lifetime!

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